The hugely popular SYS/DSBA Quiz in support of the Emer Casey Foundation was held in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2, on 22 November, 2012.

The Emer Casey Foundation is dedicated to providing funding to the DISOVARY consortium to secure the best independent research to detect the early signs of Uterine/Ovarian cancer. Following Emer’s death in June 2006 the Casey family promised they would do all they could to help this research in the hope of securing a future of early detection.

The Emer Casey Foundation is currently sponsoring three Phd Fellowship students, whose focus is in the areas of chemoresistance, cancer stem cells, circulating tumour cells and the body’s immune response to cancer.

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The event raised over €3,600 for the Emer Casey Foundation between the entry fees and the charity raffle. After a very competitive 10 rounds of carefully chosen questions the ultimate winnersof the quiz were one of the five Matheson teams. Captained by Conor Lavelle, the team’s members were SusyKenefick, Michael Byrne and Brian Ormond. Coming in a close second with only a point in the difference were the previous year’s winners William Fry.